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Wxmb Cxre Participant

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Below are some questions from Be that you may consider when deciding where on the scale you place yourself:

*what's my financial situation right now including income, savings, debt, other available support ie. family or family you are supporting, class background?

*what's the highest amount I could pay for this workshop without sacrificing care to myself or those I'm caring for?

*there are no wrong answers and you don't need to share your answers with me. I don't need you to explain // justify the amount you decide to pay. I am just sharing these prompts to help you decide & have faith in your decisions.

Scholarship Request: If you need support, please specify an amount on the registration form that would assist your participation. This amount can be partial or full, depending on what you need to participate. Workshops are free to those indigenous to Turtle Island. Please selected “waived” option if applicable.

image: Winnie Ho

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