ARTS ASSEMBLY inaugurated their programming in September 2016 with Holly Schmidt’s Vanitas, a foraging and flower arranging session that began with a lecture on Dutch still life.

Throughout ARTS ASSEMBLY’s first year, they held numerous workshops led by local social practice artists ranging from textile processes, movement, to urban planning. All of which emphasized accessibility and community. 

During this four-month period, ARTS ASSEMBLY developed and produced a publication in collaboration with arts centre Treignac Projet, Limousin, France, which launched in February of 2017 at Dynamo Arts Association. As well, held a week-long public forum project with an artist and urban planning collective, Crazy Dames Toronto a pop-up exhibition space during Harmony Arts Festival with Jacob Gleeson’s Tent Shop, and a mobile dance and lecture series Orchestra in collaboration with local performance collective BoomBox.

Upcoming Activity

In 2018 ARTS ASSEMBLY will be focusing on two major projects. Locally, a series of architecture workshops led by artist /designer Charlotte Falk, exploring relationships between the body and the natural environment as a way of developing architecture and design that is responsive. The second project, the partnership with halka sanat projesi which spans over two years explores how creative practice as a way of holding space for communities, and develop greater internal and international collaboration and exchange.