Common Ground | Uyuşma Temeli is a multi-year cultural and curatorial exchange project conceived by the directorial staff of halka sanat projesi and ARTS ASSEMBLY. Spanning over two years in length, each organization has been invited to develop programming in conversation with local artists for approximately two weeks in August '18 and June '19.  Additionally, Common Ground | Uyuşma Temeli will partner with the online publication

Common Ground | Uyuşma Temeli seeks to address shared social concerns that articulate themselves uniquely across geographic borders in Istanbul and Vancouver and consists of two distinct parts; the first addressing occupation and precarity of physical space and the second, the restriction of expression of self and personal identity.  


 image Lara Ögel

image Lara Ögel


August 7th - 18th, 2018halka sanat projesi, Caferağa Mahallesi, Bademaltı Sk. No:24, 34710 Kadıköy/ İstanbul, Turkey

ARTS ASSEMBLY will travel to Istanbul to execute year one of Common Ground | Uyuşma Temeli, where artists Merve Ünsal and Lara Ögel will address notions of inhabited space and what it is to hold space in relation to community and cultural production. Ünsal and Ögel will create an installation at halka sanat projesi, as well host a series of reading groups.

Reception dates + reading groups to be announced.



June 6 - August 31, 2018, Access Gallery, 222 East Georgia St., Vancouver, Canada

During our tenure at PLOT, ARTS ASSEMBLY will host reading groups and public events as part of Common Ground | Uyuşma Temeli, as well as invite local artists to present work and develop projects in relation to Common Ground | Uyuşma Temeli.


 image Sasha J. Langford 

image Sasha J. Langford 


With: Two Histories of Solitude

Sasha J. Langford will be reading a hybrid-essay work that considers the political implications of object relations theory.

Thursday July 26th, 2018, 7pm                  222 East Georgia St., Vancouver


I do not know how much to eat.  There is no “return,” though drive likes to keep trying.  Is this waste, company, breath, or abundance? Will the food heal or kill?  Harlow's test monkey chose the Mother who, even without a nipple, still bore some cloth, a texture, a softness.  Part ecology, part companion. Did Marx ever think the placenta? Alienation has another kind of history, and it's already been dumped in the garbage.  Discarded organs, resolutely unprofitable. I do not need to be convinced that automated care is an ethical act: I am talking about alone, and certainly not privacy.

Sasha J. Langford is an independent scholar, composer, and musician.  Her practice makes use of writing and experimental electronics to investigate intersections between psychoanalysis, aesthetics, and ecological theory.  Recent work includes the 2017 essay and hybrid-writing collection Ephemeral Institutions, as well as performances at the International Noise Conference in Miami, FL; the Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation in Brooklyn, NY; and the Lines of Flight Festival of Experimental Music in Dunedin, New Zealand. She holds an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University.




This is a Photograph of Me  | Bu Benim Fotoğrafım 

[working title]

This is a Photograph of Me | Bu Benim Fotoğrafım will take place in June 2019 as part of phase two of Common Ground | Uyuşma Temeli. Curated by halka sanat projesiı, This is a Photograph of Me | Bu Benim Fotoğrafım will exhibit Canadian based artists and explore themes of individual restriction in relation to identity, expression and instability.

Exhibition titled inspired by: "This Is a Photograph of Me", Margret Atwood, 1939



halka sanat projesi

halka sanat projesi is a self-sustaining art initiative, formed by İpek Çankaya and Sezgi Abalı, in 2011, focusing on the production, discourse and presentation of contemporary art and culture. halka sanat projesi is a gathering place, a dialogue and a meeting platform. halka sanat projesi initiates, curates and develops art and culture projects at home and abroad. It is an open platform committed to contribute to the enrichment of intellectual and artistic circles, collaborations and public interactions, also carrying a strong belief in the importance of building a community that shares and grows. Since its initiation halka has been cared and nurtured by women. Halka Association for Arts and Cultural Research was founded in 2014 in Istanbul with the aim of working towards promoting, fostering and supporting arts, independent art initiatives, emerging and established artists. Among its missions are to integrate contemporary arts and culture into daily life and make arts accessible for every social and economic groups.



 image Merve Ünsal

image Merve Ünsal

Tutma | Hold: Reading Groups

The reading groups will take place at Access Gallery, 7pm, starting promptly at 7:15pm. Texts will be distributed to those who RSVP

222 East Georgia St., Vancouver 

June 20th : support and reistence | destek ve direnç

July 11th: to hold the body | vücudu tutmak 

August 23rd: on istanbul | istanbul'da




 Damla Tamer, “Due to its nature, it only moves forward.” © Guy L’Heureux

Damla Tamer, “Due to its nature, it only moves forward.” © Guy L’Heureux

TUTMA | HOLD Artist in Residence

Damla Tamer

Damla Tamer is a visual artist born in Istanbul, Turkey who currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. Her practice combines drawing, mark making, textile investigations with a performative practice of verbalization. She explores notions of interiority and exteriority in aesthetic and political realms, in relation to bodies’ encounters with things and each other, their socialization and politicization. She is an active member of artist-run Dynamo Arts Institution, and the Vancouver-based artist mothers collective Art Mamas. She teaches at the University of British Columbia and Emily Carr University of Art+Design.

More information soon!